Are you tired of arguments in marriage? Do you dream of having a reliable and caring partner?

You will explore why you are moving away and how
you can re-connect
You will learn how to restore trust and openness in your relationship
Couple Buckle
Buckle up your relationship for a new journey using Couples Therapy
You will be surrounded by an atmosphere of sensitivity, care and support, where it is safe to share feelings and thoughts
Convenience and time saving in sessions thanks to the online format
Efficient therapy based on scientific evidence (EPT, Gottman Method)
You will receive precise steps to achieve fast results. Average number of meetings from 8 to 20
Work with different types of couples: newlyweds, long-term married, same-sex marriages
Attention to cultural differences
An Expert you can trust
Restore your relationship to enjoy life again
Scientific research confirms the effectiveness of therapy
You will be able to communicate more openly and trustingly
You will understand the needs of each other
The atmosphere at home will become lighter and more cheerful
You will feel the lost warmth and intimacy with your partner
We will begin by assessing the couples needs and setting realistic time expectations
How does the therapy go?
We will examine your current communication challenges and patterns to guide you towards a more desirable interaction
We will explore new skills and tools to build more mature and healthier relationships
We will work as a team to identify the challenges you face and also share the wins you achieve
It is possible to start with individual counseling and then continue as a couple at a later stage
Both partners must actively participate in working on the relationship.
You will learn to deal with difficulties in your marriage on your own, rather than depending on a therapist
Individual Therapy
1 hour
1.5 hours
Couples Therapy
Prices for services
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